Banana leaves turning Black

footacheApril 7, 2007

I planted a 12inch tall banana plant on friday.I dug a large hole and mixed in approx 50% potting compost to 50% steer manure,by saturday afternoon I noticed the very edges of all the leaves are turning black.I suspect I have added too much Steer manure.Should I dig the plant back up and re-plant it in a better mixture.Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yes I would replant it!!! I think Steer manure would be way to strong and is burning the leaves. It's best to just use nothing to Fertilize it, until the roots get established. I would wait for about 2 months before you fertilize!!! When it comes time to fertilize it, give it some Fish emusion. I use the organic one. The Banana's love it!!! Dig it us now and wash the corm off with water, before you replant it!!! Diana55

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Thanks Diana55.I have dug it back up washed the roots and replanted it in a fertilizer free potting compost.I had to use something the place I planted it in was almost pure sand.

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I think you did the best thing, as I think that Steer Manure is way to strong for Banana"s!!!Steer Manure has alot of strong acid in it, and it would burn your plant, and probablly kill it. Fish Fertilizer is really good for Banana's and they will love you for it!!! Use the Organic one. It's called Fish Emulsion,and it really smelly but it has alot of Organic matter in it, and the Banana's grow really fast when I use it. Fertilize it once your Banana's are established. Good Luck and Let me know how they are doing!!! Diana 55

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