Banana dying!!!!!!!!

fruitluvr13(SoCal 10)May 6, 2013

A little while ago I bought an ice cream banana and a red dwarf banana plant. They were both about 4 inches tall so I kept them in pots. The ice cream banana is doing very well but the red dwarf is doing VERY poorly, it may already be dead. It came with two leaves which started wilting very quickly so I kept it inside next to a window and watered it quite a bit ( I may have over watered). Part of the stem is still green but the leaves are dead. Do you guys thing there is any way to save it? Thanks

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Red dwarf is one of the non-cold hardy bananas out there and in Southern California just until recently we've had temps still in the 40s which Red Dwarf's hate!
It's good it's inside. If you think it's been overwatered, it most likely has been. Now that it really has no leaves, it almost needs absolutely no water at all.
If it was only 4 in tall, it is possible it will not make it. The soil needs to dry out if it is to have a chance. Put the pot inside another pot that always dirt on the bottom and on the side to "wick" the moisture away from the pot that you're banana is in. Get it as dry as possible and wait for real growth before you even think about watering.

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