Container bamboo in shade: F. robusta or P. japonica or ?

cirrus_cloudMay 23, 2007

I'm thinking of getting a bamboo for a full shade container on a balcony. Ideally I'd like something upright, fast-growing, and dense. I was thinking about Fargesia robusta green screen or Pseudosasa japonica. Any thoughts about which might be better? Or neither? Or a different bamboo? thanks!

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Cirrus cloud,

I'm growing fargesia rufa "green panda" in a large planter in light shade. It's sending up new shoots, a foot taller than last year's, so I'm guessing it's happy. Grows from 6-10 feet depending. Good screen and not too messy if you keep it moist but not wet. It drapes over so it does take up some space.

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