dwarf cavendish

desertgardener71May 19, 2009

I live just outside of the Phoenix metro area... many people around here grow banana in their back yards, in the ground, and I have some good desert adapted "Rajapuri" varieties that are doing superb in the ground right now. Recently I was given a young dwarf cavendish - not the super dwarf variety... i have heard from several people that these will burn up very quickly if exposed to full sun... any advice? My Rajapuri variety (3 feet tall now) are exposed to full sun almost all day, and I have a south facing backyard. Temps now are regularly pushing 102 and last few days it's been up near 107. My drip system goes on twice a day (morning/evening) for an hour, 3 times a week now. I'm thinking that should be ok, and I'm noticing a new leaf each week from the existing banana trees. Will dwarf cavendish do OK in partial shade/partial sun? Regardless, it will get blasted with a bit of overhead noon sun and full afternoon sun.... just don't want it to fry though. Curious to see if other folks in the AZ desert have tried this variety. Loew's and Home Depot always seem to have Goldfinger, Ice Cream, and Rajapuri, and this is the first time I've run across Dwarf Cavendish. Also - is it ok to just use some regular Miracle Grow plant food/fertilizer?

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I dont have experience with this variety. Though it should be fine in partial shade. I have a rajapuri banana in part shade thats five feet. Just make sure the soil doesn't dry because the leaves will turn brown. Miracle grow will be fine as the plant ages, but right when you plant it I suggest you use B1 vitamins to avoid more leaf burn.

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