How do you know when the parent has had it?

wingo_43(z7b GA)May 20, 2006

I have a Texas Star I got from a nursery 2 years ago. Was sold as a 'mother' bulb. I believe this is the same banana sold as a Orinoco Dwarf. Anyway, it reached an impressive size last year, about 8'. But did not flower or fruit. Moved the plant inside after the first frost got it. Plant was dormant, staying in my garage until this spring. It has been replanted outside for about 7 weeks now. The top of the stalk looks like it wants to grow, but just hasn't taken off. But there have been 3 suckers that have come up from the mother bulb. 1 about a foot tall, the other 2 just have broken through the soil. My question: Is the parent plant about to give up the ghost? If I dig up the suckers, will the main stalk start growing again? Thanks for your help.

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fglavin(Knoxville, TN)

My orinocos have just been sitting there for several weeks now because of this cool weather. Have you cut the top of the pseudostem to see what the middle looks like? I'd do that, and if you find brown in the middle, keep cutting down until you find green (or yellow). Then just wait for the heat to come and it should take off.

By the way, was that nursery TyTy by any chance? Don't believe one thing they print on their website.

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wingo_43(z7b GA)

Thanks. The stalk is about 5 ft. tall. The layers on the outside are brown, but a new green leaf had just started to emerge at the top, but then it just stopped. Now the suckers are coming up. And yes, it was TyTy. They seem to have gotten a bad rap here, but I have no complaints. I got the plant from them when I stopped by their place 2 years ago on my way to Florida.

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