Raja Puri was a mysterious banana.

asacommMay 9, 2007

Hello all,

Raja Puri was a mysterious banana.

Mystery No.1.

Overwintered a mother and a sucker in the ground with winter

protections of vegetable mat, and at the end of

March the protection mats were taken away. Found the mother

stem was green and solid and the sucker even sprouted the

first leaf. It was matter of course to believe they were


The time passed by, but the mother never sprouted a young

leaf. I waited, waited and waited, but at last my patience

burst to examine if anything wrong happened inside of the

stem and I cut the stem from the top of the stem little by

litle to the place where the center rolled young leaf was

black and rotten. It was dead rotten even though the stem

was green and solid and nothing wrong was seen.

Thus the mother never came back.

Mystery No.2.

The sucker sprouted first leaf and the second leaf began

to come out where it stopped action for a few weeks.

Then I cut it back in the same manner as the mother stem,

and found exactly same result.

I don't know the reason for this phenomenon which also

occured at the same time to other Raja Puri located in

a different place and soils.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Probably still a reaction to the cold. Jut sit tight and see if new suckers appear.

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Yes, Pitangadiego,

You are right. But I mean I lost the time until they became. Mother stem was expected to flower this season.
If new sucker appears, it will take 2-3years to fruit.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Better to lose some time than the $ for a new plant.

see http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/banana/msg0501145313123.html?2

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