New Banana Tree

mea305(9)May 6, 2006


I recently planted a banana tree (in Ocala, Florida). I purchased it because my wife always wanted one; the one she once had was destroyed by a fire that also destroyed our previous home.

It's been about two weeks now -- and although I have been watering the plants as well as using "Miracle Grow" when watering it, the bottom leaves are turning brown. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? The plants gets sunlight for a majority of the day, but most particularly after one in the afternoon.

I have been watering the plant almost every day. I need some advice.



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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

It seems as if the key words in your post are "the bottom leaves are turning brown". This is normal and happens on bananas. As the plant gets larger, the smaller bottom leaves will wither and turn brown. This is when I cut them off. ( when there is no green left in the leaf )

Has your banana been putting out new leaves as well?

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Help i Need Instructions On Growing An Indoor Banana Tree I Planted From a Seed It Has Growin About 2 Ft Now The Leaves Are Turning Yellow Which I Trimmed Off Not Sure If Im Watering It Right Or If I Have It In Good Enough Light Help !!!!!!

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