Panda Bear Salad!

rubrifolia(7ish NYC)May 17, 2007

futzing about in the garden yesterday & noticed with just a little bit of horror that my beloved bamboo had shot aggressively EveryWhere. Started to whack at it but then had a Eureka moment, remembering that folks eat bamboo shoots.

Soooo, gathered up a couple of pounds worth...did I mention Everywhere???...took em into work, am a chef, steamed em & tossed em into a salad for some Soft Shell crabs. They were DEEElish.

& now I have discovered the best way to control my bamboo....Eat It!....

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What kind of bamboo do you have??


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Soft-shelled crabs with prolific Panda Bear greens? Hey, I'm in crab country on the Chesapeake! It is my favorite foodgroup! I must sample this fabulous idea! Can you, ah, er, send me a bunch of shoots?

BTW, how long have you had your Panda Bear, where did you get it, how high is it and what has its vertical growth been like per year? (I have a very healthy "stump" of Fargesia Murielae if you'd like to trade. See my "Is My FM a Mutant?" thread.)

P.S. Maybe if we can't swap Fargesia, we can swap Panda Bear for some softshells. :>

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