Blossom end rot on my zucchinis

calb_gardnerMay 20, 2013

Almost all of my zucchinis are Suffering from blossom end rot. I was only able to harvest six zucchinis from six different plants . I just pulled them all out but I would like to know what I can do to the soil to prevent this from happening again

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Maintain a constantly moist soil. Blossom End Rot is generally a watering issue out here in Arizona.

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A thick layer of mulch and a drip irrigation system to keep the soil moisture level constant usually works.

We have plenty of calcium, but erratic moisture levels will also produce that damage.

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Are you sure they were getting pollinated? My zucch's that don't get pollinated look to rot/turn yellow from the blossom end until they fall off.
Hardly any bees around at my house, I have to manually pollinate them.

Just a guess...


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Thanks guys. Kevin I see to it that my Blossoms are well pollinated I go out there every day with a paint brush And spread the joy:)
Lazygardener I have raised beds full of Compost and tons of egg shells , and its on a soaker hose, I will mulch more next year.
I thought there was a fungus that caused it.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

For mulch I have been happy with wood chips from a local arborist. He's at 23rd Ave and Northern and usually has a pile of wood chips in his yard that can be had for the elbow grease of bringing your own pitchfork.

I'm not sure I can post contact info publicly in this forum. Anyone interested you can email me from my User Name link.

It's best to use it as a thick mulch now, turn it in when you want to rest the soil for a few weeks between growing seasons. Some say that the process of composting wood chips in your soil causes an issue with nitrogen and micro-nutrient uptake. Others say this is just urban legend/old wive's tales. Take your pick.

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