Yellow Groove worries

lamaluMay 9, 2007

Hi! Love the forum!

I planted a yellow groove last fall. The leaves turned yellow, as did my F. Rufa and F. Murilae, but now the fargesias are leafing out and the yellow groove doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've heard that it can take 3 years to really show growth but I am concerned that it's not leafing by now. I mulched but after reading some posts realize that I didn't use near as much as recommended - say 2-3 inches vs. 6 inches. Argh. Do I need to buy another yellow groove?


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brian_k(z6 OH)

The culms may have top-killed and there will be no new leaves- they are dead. BUT the rhizomes are sure to be alive and will send up new shoots. Is your plant sending up new shoots?

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I haven't seen any new shoots yet. But new shoots could come up anywhere, right? I've only been looking in the general vicinity of the main plant. None of the leaves have dropped off - that's got to be a good sign.

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My yellow groove finally started to leaf out! Really took his time but it's happening! Whew! Feeling so much better. This fall I'm going to mulch much more heavily than I did last winter. Yay!

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