Your Hummingbird Garden

haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)May 25, 2011

Anyone here with an established hummingbird garden? I'd love to know what plants you have and if you can post pictures that would be even better!

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It's scattered all over the yard ...

Trees: Desert Willow and mesquite (I think it's the bugs on the mesquite) and Jacaranda

Bushes: Mexican sage, Cleveland sage, Yellow bells, red hesperaloe, cape honeysuckle, oleander, penstemons

Vines: Queen's wreath

Bug supply - gnats from compost heaps

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mister_gin(z9 AZ)

The Desert Willow flower is by far the hummingbirds favorite in my yard. Orange Bells are also a hit. Last year I had a really bad gnat problem in my closed compost bins. I've left the lids off the bins this year so the hummingbirds are keeping the gnats at bay. They just hover over the bins and pick the gnats out of the air.

Here's a Dessert Willow pic from earlier in the year. This is a good sized tree that puts out a lot of flowers. Gets kind of messy on windy days but I don't mind.

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Wow, I love that desert willow, I don't think I've seen that one. Can you post a picture of yellow bells? I noticed a very fragrant yellow flowered bush on my walk and I'm wondering what it is.
I have InsukWang kong runner beans, they've never produced for me but give quite a show of flowers. Nastituriums and a bunch od African sumacs, pines and a mulberry tree. Plus lemon trees. I have quite a few hummingbirds and today I had dragonflies, several pretty blue ones! I also have many bees. Oh, lavender and flowering parsley, plus some other flowers are also bringing the bees.
Still waiting on my bee balm. This fall, I'd like to plant more flowering bushes. My pineapple sage hasn't flowered yet. I haven't seen hummingbirds around my red salvias but they might be helping.

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Our hummingbirds love our sissou trees, as do butterflies. The March we were preparing to move into our house, the trees were surrounded by literally thousands of small brown butterflies for three to four hours every afternoon for a three day period. I deeply regret that our cameras were at our old house and so we never got any photos.

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I just noticed a hummingbird nest in the lemon tree. They make the cutest nest!

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The hummingbirds around my place seem to hang around in the orange tree, although I haven't spotted a nest. A few years ago, after that bad frost had totaled my ficus, one built a nest among the dead leaves. I didn't see it until I had cut down the branch it was on. I was horrified. I duct taped it back up and later fastened a piece of styrofoam over it because it didn't seem to have much protection from drenching rains. The babies made it, but my next door neighbor had to wait till they left the nest before I could cut down up all the branches with dead falling leaves.

Then one built a nest on a horizontal part of the drain pipe under the awning. That one blew away in a wind storm. I heard the mother bird screeching, but didn't realize what that was or what had happened until the next day when I noticed the nest was gone. I found the nest, but not the babies. Poor little things.

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They seem to be loving my leeks which have bloomed. Who would have guessed?

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