Help : rose leaves turning brown

gary_azMay 28, 2007


The leaves in my roses are turning brown and dying. I'm attaching pics of the leaves. Is it some disease in the roses?

Please help as I don't want the rose plant to die off.

Photos of leaves

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of leaves turning brown

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crista(Sunset 13)

My guess would be one of two things: your roses aren't getting enough water and as a result are shallow rooted - the ground is heating up and their rootlets that soak up the most water are dying, OR your roses are getting salt burned. Either way, you need to do a long, deep soak not just with the middle of the bush but a good two feet out to leach the salts out of the soil. I'm talking like a three or four hour drip, drip soak. Then, look at your watering practices. No matter what the traditional rose care books say, it is darn hard to overwater a rose in the desert. Use a screw driver or a water meter to test your soil -- don't let it dry out. Then, when you water soak the plant and the surrounding soil rather than using a dripper or a five minute hose squirt. Good luck! Roses can look fabulous here!

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Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)

I live in Arizona but I live in the lower region where today it is 110F. I see you are in zone 8 you must be in the upper part of the state?? My roses are doing this too. do you get the leaves wet in the evening time, I sometimes do and I thought maybe this is what is causing them to do this. I water in the evening, I have too since it is so hot and sometimes I get the leaves wet and they stay wet through the night. I also thought that maybe they were burning, but I do not know how hot it is in your zone 8.

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gemfire(z9/10 AZ)

I have a whole row of roses down the west side of my front yard. They get full sun all day long. I have a soaker hose run down the row and I put it on twice a week for about 30-45 minutes, sometimes longer when I forget to turn it off. They are doing great.


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Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)

gemfire you did not mention how hot it is in your area, do you live were the temps are in the 110F. I was wondering if you had any burn on your roses if you live in this type of temps, since you mentioned that your roses are doing so good??? I have some of my roses in the shade in the afternoon and they are not as burnt as the roses that get all day sun. Also some are more burnt then others which to me means the ones with the burn probably do better in the cooler climates. I ask this because if you live where the temps are high I wanted to know what the names of your roses are that are doing so well in all day sun.

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greenlust(z9 Phx,AZ)

I noticed concrete block wall in original post. the base part of wall under the ground is like 6-8inch more then wall, when the wall gets heated it must be transferring the heat to under the ground near to the rose roots. Like others mentioned deep watering is good. And in 114 deg weather few leaves will turn brown..dont panic :) I have heard nitrogen in fertilizer is twice as strong in the heat, so use half of the recommended fertilizer in hot weather or might burn the roots. There used to be a 'Rosaholic' (username) on here and his webpage had lot of rose info, cant find it anymore

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My baby rose bush is in the shade and in a pot and my rose leaves turn brown and die. what can i do. i water them before the soil dry out and it seems to bud ok but a few leaves still turn brown. any sugestions.

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There are multiple reasons for leaves turning brown:

*Spider mites - these are hot weather pests that multiply rapidly on dry, dusty leaves. Host off the leaves, both top and bottom, about 3 times a week during hot/dry parts of the year.

*Nutrient deficiency - Fertilize roses on a regular basis during active growing season and not during extremely hot or cold times. Most common rose fertilizers will have a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium plus trace minerals. An organic, low nitrogen rose food will feed both soil and rose whereas a fast-acting fertilizer is primarily used during rapid bud/bloom time.

*Water - During hot summers, rose leaves lose moisture faster than they take it in. Water more often, even once a day, provided the container drains.

*Containers - light-colored containers sized appropriately for expanding growth work better for roses than dark, heat-holding, under-sized containers. Tender roots can overheat in hot soil. If possible, try to keep the container shaded during the hottest part of the day. Make sure you use a mulch which will also help cool the soil.

*Age - The older leaves on a rose bush naturally age, turn brown and fall off. We tend to notice this on trees and think 'fall is here' but other plants do this in preparation for dormancy and subsequent new growth.

You say 'baby' rose bush but I'm guessing this is a Miniature rose and have tried to answer accordingly. If this isn't a mini but rather a large rose kept in an an under-sized container, the problem is probably cramped roots.

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