Basjoos are amazing....

bobcat(z5 OH)May 2, 2007

So I wanted to see how big my basjoo would get if I stored it indoors for the winter. This opposed to letting it go outside. I dug up the roots, and a good bit of dirt around them for the pot (a few inches).

Long story short, I planted the big naner in the same spot and noticed, just off to the side/front of said spot..... was a tiny 3 inch naner pup about as thick as a pencil!!!!!!! Some portion of root must of survived in the ground all winter and came back to life???? I didn't think they did this- that they needed the actual corm? Can corms form from roots at a distance- maybe six inches from original plant? Or maybe I accidentally cut out some corm, but I don't think so.

I'll keep watch in case of mistaken identity- but I am quite sure. Basjoos are amazing.

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Basjoo is nice but there is better. Would you be prepared to post me a tiny pup of it to me in a country that doesnt sell basjoo?

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