long-term preserve of bamboo fence / Seattle / pine tar ??

IsitcoolMay 10, 2012

I designed & built a gorgeous large-pole (about 1 inchers) bamboo fence about 7 years ago when I was renovating the grounds of our house (see attached pics) .......when putting up fence, I thought about applying some level of preservative to the bamboo but figured "hey, it's bamboo, it will weather & hold up fine" ....well, what I did not take into consideration is the fact that since I used 8 ft long rolled sections of bamboo, held together with aluminum wire running thru 1000s of holes in the bamboo, that when it rained, these 1000s of holes allowed water to get to inside of bamboo, thus creating optimum conditions for rotting from the inside out ......so, the fence began to show signs of rotting about 3 years in and it is now getting really bad (although under the big tress and in areas where the rain is not wind-blown / heavy, it is in better shape) .....I have already designed a new methodology for a new bamboo fence along our driveway, that will utilize same 1-inch pole bamboo but NOT with the rolled sections with the 1000s of holes, but individual poles fed like putting rounds of ammo into a cartridge, thus eliminating the 1000s of holes and the ability for rain water to get at the "inside" of said bamboo poles ......what I want to do when I get the new fence up is spray or brush or roll a preservative onto the bamboo, and I have been told "pine tar" is what I should go with ......can anyone positively attest to the application of pine tar to bamboo for a preservative ?? or can your forum rec a preservative I can apply to the new bamboo fence to assist it in weathering well for years & years .....(note: the new fence will have full cap over all bamboo pole at their tops to prevent water from entering the poles up top and I already am aware that bamboo sports an oily outer that makes it very hard for ANY applied preservatives to bite, hole & cure up for the long haul) ......but I am told pine tar, applied properly, will do the trick .....also, I'd be using The Real Stuff kiln burnt Stockholm pine tar if & when I do apply it to the bamboo, as it's rumored to be the best stuff I can get in the USA .......thanks for the help folks !!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

My guess is that a coating will help some. However, as the bamboo dries and cracks over time, water will still get in. Good luck. It can't hurt, and sounds like an interesting experiment.

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