Mother Kru collapsed

bananafanMay 7, 2007

I planted a kru last year. It was doing so well. Had a couple days of cold in Feb and never did do well since. Now it just bent over and collapsed, but it has a pup which is almost 5 ft tall now. It has been planted on the north side of the yard. Is this plant a cold sensitive one? If it is, should I try to relocate the pup before the same thing happens to it? The only concern I have is on the south end of my yard, there's not much sun. Maybe I will move it to the East side of the yard where there's not so much wind factor, but it does have quite a bit of direct sun. Any advice for baby kru?

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Very cold sensitive, as are most, if not all reds. More sun and more warmth is best. My lowest temp this winter was 38 for 2 nights, and almost all my Krus were defoliated, and some needed to be stumped to remove rotten material and allow new growth.

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