Is this a fruiting banana or non-fruiting?

coco-mutMay 12, 2008

I thought I posted a similar message somewhere here but I don't see it anywhere, as if it went into cyberland. I'll try again.

I have a banana plant that is a red banana, that's all it said on the pot when I bought it. Thru research I found that not all reds fruit. I know the Jamaican Reds do, I used to have some years ago but haven't for years so I bought a red banana tree and now am afraid that it might just be one for decor and not for fruit. Is there a way I can tell by looking at it if it's a fruiting banana or non-fruiting banana plant?



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James, I think all bananas get fruit. Wether or not their edible is another thing.


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Dean, thanks for the info. Seems to me that mine might be a non-edible variety. I think my banana plant is an ornamental variety. From my research I think it is. I doubt it's a Jamaican red.


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James, look up Rajapuri. It might be that one. I't seems like it's readily available.


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Also, look up Musa sumatranan 'Rojo' AKA 'Blood banana'. Could be that one. It is ornamental and the fruit has seeds and is not considered edible (or edible quality).

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Thanks. I looked up Rajapuri and looked up Rojo. It resembles the Rojo more. I think it must be that one. I am going to pull it and transplant it somewhere else in the garden. I want to put some edible bananas in it's place. Too bad. I need to get a Jamaican Red, those are edible. Thanks.

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