your best germination technique

amaryllis52(10a)May 9, 2009

what is your best germination technique.

ive got three species velutina, sikkimensis,cheesemani.

it has been a month and so far i have a tiny mound on the back/underside.

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Hi amaryllis52, I soaked the seeds in water for a day and seeded with peat moss (barely cover the seeds) in a styrofoam cup. I put a clear wrap with a rubber band around it and placed it at the sunniest windowsill for 3 weeks. I now see some growth coming out from it. I only had to add water once so far to kept the soil damp and moist. Mine is Musa Sikkimensis. I see white roots with small green tip coming out from it. This is my first time germinating banana seeds, and I wonder when I'm supposed to transplant them. The green part is only 1/8 inch or so right now...

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I usually use a gallon or bigger zip lock baggy filled with coco peat(made from coconut fibers). Then moisten and seal and never have to water, just don't put in direct sunlight.
Some people say that a plastic bin works better and has better air flow, but then there are gnats that can get into your seeds.

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