Are they dead?

Kris61May 3, 2014

I have 2 clumps of what I think are Basjoo bananas. When I uncovered them 2 weeks ago (just covered with mulch for winter) the existing plants were mush. Nothing has happened at all with the existing stumps, they are still mush, some even worse than when I first uncovered them, like they are holding water, but one clump has 2 pups emerging and the other has 1. This will be their third year in the ground. I lost the original or mother plant on both clumps last year. The existing stumps range from 2" to 6". Will they come back? Is there something I can do to help them? If they are dead, should I leave them to rot back to ground or dig them out?

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

You're good . Stumps are goners. The pups you have popping up will replace them.Same with me. This harsh winter killed back my stalks which normally has survived past three winters but new pups are emerging.

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what should I do with the old stumps?
leave them alone or dig them up?

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Do not dig them up. The corm is underneath. If unsightly, cut them down as close to the ground as you can and cover with mulch to make it look good.I left my stumps and all have just about rotted down to ground level where I could pull it up or cut it with a box knife and discard. They are not like a tree stump that remains for years before withering away.

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