Place to buy shredded hay or alfalfa near Glendale?

rdazgardenerMay 1, 2011

Thanks to some tips from other members of the forum I tried out using hay in my garden as mulch and have fallen in love with it. I used it in an area I was trying to grow grass and within a few days I can already notice its growing better than it was before and its helped in my vegetable garden areas. The only problem is that its a bit hard to deal with the large hay and to fill in some areas since its long. I have tried using garden clippers / shears to shred it up into smaller pieces but that only works ok and is kind of a pain.

I think shredded hay is used for like rabbit bedding and other things like that for farms so I was wondering if there is anywhere where I can buy it in bulk where its already finely shredded? Thanks for any info

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

I buy bales of straw at the Stock Shop at 67th Ave and T-Bird in Glendale. They have lots of animal feed and bedding but I can't say I've seen shredded straw/hay. If you have a weed blower that converts to a vaccum, use the vacuum feature to suck in and shred the straw into nice, short lengths.

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Thanks for the tip, I went ahead and bought a weed blower / vaccuum and it works pretty well for chopping up the hay

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