Musa Basjoo uncovered

beachbum_nj(N.J. z7)May 1, 2009

This is my Musa Basjoo 1 1/2 weeks after uncovering from winter. Look how much it has grown already. Should I strip the dead stuff off the bottom?

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coniferfreak(z6 PA)

Wow, yours look awesome! Lucky you!

I covered mine w/ burlap and surrounded with bags of leaves, then secured a tarp over all of this. Unfortunately, when I uncovered them last week they were complete MUSH, right down to the ground. So my first winter was a failure. :( I don't know if they will come back up from the corms, but I do not see any growth at all popping up yet. We have had 9 days of rain, so I'm sure that made the mush even mushier!

I think I will just buy new ones when they come out at Lowe's, and try another method of wintering them this fall.

Congratulations on your success! You must have a well protected area!

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Those look great and will definitely have a great jump this year,probably get 12'+ with enough sun/water-
Conifer-F,I would try cutting them down to the ground are lower,you should see something soon,one other thing most people don't think to do is to pull back the mulch so the ground can warm up,otherwise the mulch can hold the temps down as low as 40-45F when pulling back on it will get the soil temps into the 60s pretty quick!

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