too tightly spaced?

oldhamiiMay 4, 2010

I'm new to growing bamboo and have been trying to find an answer to the following question, with no luck.

I am about to plant a screen with a variety called Golden Weaver. I've seen them mature, spaced 6 ft (2 m) apart. In this arrangement, they produce an effective privacy barrier, above a height of about 6 ft. However, below that, there are "windows" between each clump.

If they were planted at 3 ft apart, it seems as though the screen would be much more effective. I understand that they would be somewhat stunted due to crowding, but would they be unhealthy?

Should I just put in another row, staggered, and give up the yard space?

If anyone out there has tried this, please let me know!

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"Slender Weaver" that is.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Are you talking about Bambusa textilis, a clumper? In any case, I don't see a problem with planting them close's not like you're trying to grow carrots and need optimal spacing. The bamboo won't be unhealthy if they are close together. At some point in the future they will expand, and merge, and adjust to one another regardless of the spacing. A double row is fine if you have the space. Otherwise, a single row, tightly spaced, should be just about as good.

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yes, bambusa textilis, a clumper.

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