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desertmama_bhcMay 1, 2009

Hi everyone ! Just wanted to let you all know my roses and dong quite well, thank you very much ! I did have to move Cybil (the blue moon rose) into a bit more shade...But she's blooming repeatedly...Mr. Lincoln is a bit slower, but very healthy appearing !

Gracie (my new gardenia) seems happy enough on the south deck, out of direct sun, her pot sitting on a nice two inch deep, round plastic tray full of pebbles and water !

Temps are now varying between 88 and 101 highs, so I'm cautiously hopeful for Gracie in particular ! I found my very favorite annuals, portulacas ! I absolutely adore these delicate appearing, yet very desert friendly, plants ! I say "found", because last year I had to search in three different garden centers to find them !

I have used recycled mulch on any and everything !

My question to you all : I've heard that a lot of gardeners swear by epsom salts, either sprinkled dry or used in water as a spray as defense against aphids !

I'd really appreciate hearing any and all comments !

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

NOt for aphids but great for adding Mg to the soil twice a year.

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Kitchen chemists mix 1-2 drops of liquid dish detergent to 24 oz water in a spray bottle. Aphids shouldn't be a problem in 100F temps, though. You can also use 1 oz baking soda to 1 gallon of water to control aphids. Add 1 tbl bleach OR ammonia to control powdery mildew. Again, shouldn't be a problem in 100F temps.

Spider mites, OTOH, are here and can be controlled by spraying the undersides of rose leaves 2-3 times a week with a hard jet of water. You can purchase a multi-port water wand or trade out the water wand head with a brass hose nozzle and adjust it for a hard spray. Always hose off your roses right after a wind storm. Mites like dry, dusty leaves.

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i was told marigolds keeps aphids and a few others away pretty well so i incorporated them into my garden. but roses are taller so im not sure if that would work.

i found a link for you, it's 10 natural or homemade aphid repellants. i love google!

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 eco friendly aphid pesticides

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Gardenias love epsom salt. I sprinkle the soil around mine as soon as noticed older leaves turned yellow. No yellowing anymore. I got my gardenia veitchii this spring, it is blooming and so pretty. I can not believe it is doing so well when 95F outside. I have to water every day (it is in the plastic pot) sometimes twice a day. Water rinses Magnesium fast from the soil, so adding epsom helps.
Do you mist your Gracie gardenia? Mine started to open flowers after I start misting it a couple times a day with distill water....

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

The old fashion, small flower, French Marigold is the variety that is referenced when discussing it repelling ability. Most swear by them but some say no but I think the noers are using the modern MG.

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