Repot now...or later?

fin2ya(4)May 13, 2013

Hello! What you think? Repot now....or later? A little while (3 weeks) ago I bought this little guy. It is now 1ft and sit 8in pot. I allready repot it once, because it is so wet and tiny pot when I bought it. For now it is looking so good an made 1 leaf/week. I kick ( :D) it out to my balkony when sun is shining and I bring it indoor for nigths. My balcony is a real hot spot. When the sun shines (june) all day long as the temperature rises over 30Cð (100ðF). Mid is a nightmare. I allready bought 16 in pot. What you think? Now or later?
And what you it SDC or DC or what is it?

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I would re-pot now, no sense in having to keep re-potting, they grow so fast it's amazing, and the amount of sun & heat yours is going to be getting it's going to grow like a weed. She looks great, nice & healthy !!!

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