Indoor Banana Plant

geekchicMay 11, 2010

Hi all,

I have a new banana plant and I'm curious about what to do with it.

I have it in a pot and I'm switching from dragging it outside but I really want it inside so I drag it back indoors on occasion.

Should I stick it in the back yard with the most sun, or put it out front where it gets morning sun but blocked off from the afternoon heat? Or is it OK to let it grow inside the house with the window up for it to get sun during the day?

I also wanted to learn about what to feed it, outside of watering it when it's dry.

Any tips or other banana plant trees?

It's a Musa cavendishii 'Nana' that I got from Spring Hill Nursery.

Geek Chic

Here is a link that might be useful: My Geek Girl Container Garden in Lafayette, Louisiana

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I would keep it in the front with less sun so it wont burn up on you. They prefer to be outside and do grow much better. I use miracle grow food on everything and it's never done me wrong. Your plants looks very happy & healthy.

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hello, I have 3 cavendish banana trees, all are in the containers. Any suggestions for a good fertilizer for them. I keep them in my green house in the winter and outside for the rest of the year. Would like to post the picture but don't know how. Can anyone help?
Any advices will be appreciated.

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threas(z7 PA)

Hi Dee,
The link below tells you how to post pix. Hope it helps.
I also have DCs growing in pots.I grow mine indoors over winter and put them outside in summer. I planted a pup in the ground last year and it got bigger than mom in her pot! I dug it up to bring it in, but it died over the winter. But, there's at least 3 pups in the same pot. Do yours pup like crazy? I just use epsom salts and MG fert. Good luck!


DCs inside

~~~~~~Summer 2009 Pup in Ground-7+ feet~~~~~~~~

Here is a link that might be useful: Posting Photos

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If you want them to fruit you should use a high ratio fertilizer. We have a place here that makes its own: 20-0-30 which I use once a month. I'm not sure what potted bananas will do. They have pretty extensive root systems.

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