Over Wintered Tomato Plants?

thisisme(az9b)May 11, 2011

The trellises I've built will make it very easy for me to over winter my tomato plants. I know other members have over wintered tomato plants. I always like planning ahead so there are some questions I just have to ask those who have done this before.

How do the plants perform the second year?

Are productive?

Do the tomatoes taste as good?

Is their texture the same as they were the first year?

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If the plants are indeterminate they will continue to grow and product fruit.

If they are determinate, they won't keep growing.

I have found them to be as productive the second year. I pruned them way back and let them make fresh sprouts.

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thank you lazygardens. Thats what I thought. Some of the guys in the Tomato Forum though were saying the fruit quality would suffer.

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