Banana musa vino tinto variety

ochoguaMay 16, 2008

Hello to all. A friends of mine gift me with a banana musa I think name or variety is vino tinto It's beautiful green and some red in the bordes of the leaves and the center (sorry not idea how to post pictures )I want to know if the fruit is edible or not . Thanks for all information you can give me . Live in Miami zone 10



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It's called by another name too, which I think is actually a more accurate name. Musa initerans 'Form India'. It's not edible, but a real beauty. I have a few pictures of the one I had, if you visit bananas org site, and do a search there are a few people that have it, but not many.

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Thank you very much for the fast answer. Very kind .
There are so many variety that it's confusing
Thanks again
Have a nice day. Cordially,

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