Transplanting Banana Trees

ozgirlmsMay 20, 2006

I have access to three banana trees in a neighboring yard - about three feet tall - that I can transplant now or they will probably be cut down. They are already much taller than the ones in my yard. Is this the wrong time to transplant? If it is OK to transplant now, how can I minimize the damage to the plants? I can't help with a botanical name, but these trees grow to 10-15 feet with large leaves. I have never seen fruit or flowers. Thanks for your advice!

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fglavin(Knoxville, TN)

Now would be probably the best time to do it! Don't wait until it's Summer and 95 degrees outside. I would (if I were you) cut a couple of leaves off the bottom of the pseudostem, and cut about 1/3 off each of the remainder of the leaves, except the newest leaf. They should transplant fine, provided you get plenty of corm with the plants.

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Thanks - I'm so glad that it will be possible to transplant now. I will have my DH dig them up this week. :-) I would like to save them, especially since they are doing so much better than the ones in our yard!

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