Time to thin the herd

apg4May 24, 2014

Several years ago, I was given - indeed, it was 'regifted' several times previously - a sickly, scrawny 3' high "banana". (It turned out to be an Orinoco.) Planted in late June, it rocketed to 15' before the frost.

The next year, five plants went to 20 feet and one stem bore fruit, though this had to be harvested in mid-November before it was fully ripe. Placed the bunch in a plastic bag with apples (for ethylene gas production) the plantains eventually ripened and there were enough to make Bananas Foster several times.

Last year, there was a forest of 25 stems which grew to 22 feet high, but none bore fruit, 'cause they were probably way overcrowded. These are growing in a 36 square foot raised bed surrounded by a brick patio. It's time to thin the herd to promote possible fruiting .... and the clump is getting so big it's altering the environment.

How do I select for the stem that has the best chance of bearing fruit?


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Typically banana flower once they achieve a certain height or amount of leaves. I would keep the biggest and relocate the smaller pups.

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