Amaryllis sale in Houston

houstonpat(9a)April 8, 2010

The Houston Amaryllis Society is holding our annual sale at the Garden Center in Hermann Park. I believe it runs 9 - 3 Sat & Sun April 10 & 11.

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Hi Houstonpat,

Any way to know what varieties might be offered at the sale?

Julie in Dallas

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I haven't seen the list, but that is an excellent question. Last year there was about 40 varieties. And, a selection of growing plants in pots. Exhibits include a number of cut flowers and blooming bulbs in pots.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Here are the ones I recall:
Amalfi, Ambience, Amsterdam, Aphrodite, Apple Blossom, Black Pearl, Charmeur, Cherry Nymph, Christmas Gift, Clown, Faro, Ferrari, Gervase, Hercules, La Paz, Lemon Star, Minerva, Misty, Monaco, Nympha, Orange Monarch (or Soverign?), Picotee, Piquant, Red Lion, Red Pearl, Rock n Roll, Samba, Vera, White Lady, White Nymph, Zombie
And there were potted offsets of H. Johnsonii, Moonlight, Lady Jane, and Clown.

The rain kept the crowd small for the first hour or so, but I imagine that the afternoon brought lots of people in as the sale was at the Hermann Park Garden Center. Patrick from the list was there, so always great to see a "face" from the list.

I practiced masssive self control, since I already had most of these. For the most part, the bulbs I bought were in good shape. A couple of the consignment bulbs were unpleasant surprises when I got them home out of the paper bag/paper towels. Next time...I'll unwrap them in the car. Hey, even the mail order houses send a dud every now and then (those layers of "black" deep within a bulb always make me nervous!). I think the bulbs may recover from "the problems", so keep your fingers crossed. Hey....the prices were right!! and the bulbs were (for the most part) very big!

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It was good to see you Kristi and other enthusiasts. Since my collection is quite out of control I only bought 2 myself. The 'Yellow Star' looks very good; the 'Zombie', well lets see if it comes back from the dead. I was going to return it, but consider it a contributions to the cause, at least. I like to experiment with damaged bulbs to see what will transpire. I took great effor to remove all the rotted parts, soaked it in systemic fungicide coated it with rootone and potted it up in exceptionaly good draining mix. I expect good, though not timely results.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Pat....I think my Rock n Roll was the biggest "mess", but again, it was a fundraiser for the club, so I wasn't overly driven to get in the car and travel 35 miles (on Houston highways!) back to exchange it. Ambience also had a large patch of mushy bulb, but it was large enough that even after peeling back several layers, the bulb was still substantial. My Zombie was in pretty good shape.

Do you know if they store them for long?? Maybe next year they could just write the name in Sharpie on the bulb...I know it's always a "crap shoot" to buy a bulb in a bag. I'm guessing that they had been bagged for quite some time as you could feel scapes pressing. The remaining 7 were in fairly good shape, which I consider a success since even the big distributors send "iffy" bulbs from time to time. I had a couple really crummy bulbs this year (lots of surgery and Captan powder), and they managed to survive, so I expect these will be no different. Even your Zombie will return to life!

Hope that you sold out. I overheard an older woman say that she had checked under all the tables and checked all the boxes, so there were no surprises this year!!

See you next year, or sooner if you ever want help in the yard!

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Is there a way to learn about next year's sale?

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The Houston Amaryllis Society (HAS) starts back up each September. Go to their web page for contact info. They usually pin down a date fairly early in the season. I would expect the 8th & 9th of April. Management of the Houston Garden Club where the sales have been held has had funding cuts by the city so that may affect next year's sale.

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