Separating Pups Required?

Elbourne(8b)May 25, 2012

My Dad gave me four banana plants last year. I planted them at work, outside my office window. I hate to admit to this forum that I totally neglected them, no fertilizer, no water, no attention at all; but they seem to be doing fine, albeit much shorter than the parents. I think this year I may try to take better care of them. I just noticed that they all have pups growing out the sides. My question is, do I NEED to separate the new plants or will they do just fine growing in place?

btw,I am in zone 9 on the Mississippi gulf coast.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

As long as they have enough room to spread they will be just fine.

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As far as I know,there are no banana elves that remove pups in the wild, so it is probably completely natural to leave them. ;-)

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Pups will rob from the mother, so it would be better to remove them. Leave one, to carry on after fruiting, or continue with your program of neglect. Either way it should be fine.

Banana Elves do exist, the Pineapple Fairies told me so.

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