Why isn't this growing any taller?

maccyMay 26, 2014

I have been trying to create a bamboo screen for last three years and a couple of the bamboo are coming along really well however the Phyllostachys aurea I bought is only growing to about a foot tall. Why could this be...any ideas?

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

You have two identical posts, remove one and I bet people will answer.

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Are you feeding it? What are the growing conditions; full sun/part/shade? How tall were the divisions that you initially planted? The more info you provide, the better an answer you'll receive =)

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My internet has been playing up I have pics but can't post for some reason. Not feeding it but haven't fed other either and they are up to six foot approx. it's on north facing wall I live in uk on top of mountain so pretty windy at times but it's sheltered with a wall. I initially put them in three years ago sept time. My rabbit ate some of the aurea but then in spring it bounced back but only to height if a foot. It looks so silly between the others and I'm not sure what to do.

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I'm posting off my phone so any tips to get pics up to show you all great fully received.

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No replies but thought i would update anyway. A famous tv gardener has identified that my bamboo could have been incorrectly labelled and is actually the Pleioblastus. Having seen picture of it. This is exactly what I have. Not happy as it was labelled incorrectly. I know have to try and get it out! Argh

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