Grapes, anybody else harvesting yet?

greendesertJune 19, 2012

My first grapes are ripe... "Blueberry" variety, and I think I died and went to heaven. These are not seedless, and very different from the store bought ones, but oh man, to me it's almost like eating Starburst candy. The skin is firm, the berries seem almost pressurized, when you bite into them they just sorta explode in your mouth with sort of a crunch. The taste is pretty sweet and tart at the same time and I do think they have a hint of blueberry taste. I'm very pleasantly surprised with this variety. People that are picky might not like them though, they're definitely not in the "commercial grape" class, and like I said they do have some seeds, but that doesn't bother me at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: blueberry grape photo

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here's a photo.

Also, I wanted to say I'm rather disappointed with the "Fantasy Seedless" variety. They bore some nice big clusters, but now that they're ripening, they're cracking very badly. Not sure what I can do about that since they're getting some graywater so I have to manually control the water they're getting. They did better than the Thompson seedless as far as resisting mildew, the ripe berries taste very good. Also they seem to be ripening very uneven, lots of ripe and unripe berries mixed in clusters. The blueberry variety seems like the whole cluster ripened at once.

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Any minute now!! I have a new grapevine that has 2 bunches on it, and they are reddening up nicely. I tasted one yesterday and it was only just starting to sweeten up. I'm not sure how much longer it will take.

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