Bamboo Plantation still in operation?

solus(9a)May 1, 2010


If this is the wrong forum please excuse me. I tried to contact Bamboo Plantation via email about ordering new plants, but it's been near 3 weeks now and still no reply or anything. Anyone know if they're still in business; has anyone ordered from them recently?

This is NOT a complaint; I'd great experiences ordering from them about 5 years ago so I'd like to order from them again. Thanks in advance!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Try calling them...

Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboo Plantation

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rickinla(8B SW AL)

I got a really nice Robert Young from Jim about a month ago, it took him a few days to respond to my questions. I couldn't believe that a bamboo with a 10' culm would fit in a box. Try to send him a message from his website.

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I placed two orders with them last spring, to the tune of several hundred dollars, and was not impressed. The second order took a month to arrive, and they repeatedly ignored emails and phone calls about the status of my order, leaving me completely in the dark on if my plants had been lost or not. Now, a bit over one year later, one third of the plants purchased from them have died. Many of them were extremely small to begin with- imagine a one gallon pot with a toothpick size piece of rhizome and a leaf for $35.
Most of the bamboos purchased were $35 to $50 each, as I was looking to add some more unusual species to my collection.
A couple of the plants were huge, but they were obviously way overgrown, and the roots and rhizomes that had escaped the pot had been cut off, removing so much support of the foliage that the majority of the above ground part of the plant died, leaving what was left in the pot to send up a few tiny shoots.
Anyway, that was my experience with two orders, so good luck if you order from them. Perhaps bamboos that are less unusual than those I ordered are more worth it from them, as they can afford to put more plant material in the pot to begin with.

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I ordered from him few times a couple years back, and most things were pretty good, but I recall buying a 3 gallon that ended up having like a little one gallon size plant in it, and was buying mostly just soil.

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After ordering from him and complaining bambooplantation has pretty much ignored all my calls, emails and voice messages. He sent me a couple of plants which are on the verge of death. They looked either overgrown or frozen and the top part of the culm looks like it is starting to dry up now.

I would suggest anyone planning on purchasing bamboo NOT to buy from this place because you'll just have to deal with dead plants and buy them from somewhere else.

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Thanks for the heads up. I emailed and left msg but never got any reply so I'm looking elsewhere.

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