Basjoos without protection this year

chrisware(5-6 wv)May 15, 2013

Most of my 8 basjoos here in WV (5b) are on their second and third year of growth. But this last fall after Hurricane Sandy was done, I decided to only protect one of my basjoos and basically let the rest fight it out on their own.
ALL of my bananas except for one old corm which had three shoots are burried between 1 1/2 and 2 feet deep. Yep... just got the ol post hole digger and dropped them in.. literally!
Before in the past I have wrapped, covered, etc with great success. This past year was a doozy and I only lost one, and it was part of the three peices which was at the surface... not deep.
The picture is from last summer when things were really growing quickly. I do plan to protect one of the bigger ones again though just so I start out with a taller plant, but many were still alive between six to twelve inches above the ground and are already a couple feet tall now. I'm amazed and would recommend everyone plant deep.
With the next one though, I plan to put in a feeding tube made from perforated pipe though.

The one which I did protect was not done well. I just cut it back some, filled a huge nursery pot with dry leaves, inverted it and put a rock on top.

My only concern with planting them so deep is this... when will I start to get pupping around them so they really look good?
Thanks gang,

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)


Planting deep is almost always a great idea. I've heard folk up north warn not to overprotect the p-stem if you bury the corm deep. Too much protection (bags of leaves, hay, etc) leads to p-stem rot, and can travel all the way down to the corm, killing the plant entirely. This only seems to be an issue with deep planting. Can't remember if it's due to more moisture down deep, or what, but it's something I've definitely read multiple times, and only applies to deep planting.

As for pups, they might take a bit longer to break the surface, but they'll have developed as much (or more) root when they start showing leaves, so no real development time is lost in them having to climb further up.

That's a beautiful garden bed. Can't wait to see how it looks once everything starts kicking into high gear.


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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

I am not sure if there is a depth that is considered too deep but if the soil is not compacted I would think it would come down to the soil temp as to when it decides to pup. The deeper the cooler the soil and vice versa. Would planting shallow and covering with extra mulch in the winter that can be pulled alway in Spring accomplish the goal of insulation ? I am further south but all mine did well this year and I did nothing but add extra mulch which my dogs eventually pushed away before Spring.

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

Thanks Mike And Bam,

Over the years I have lost all but one of the ones which were at ground level eventually to freeze and rot, even when I built protectors which my wife called the grain silos.
I'm very pleased with the deep digs and wish I would have tried it earlier. I'll follow up with some pics of how they are emerging. I wondered if lower soil temps down deeper would slow down pups, but plan to start dumping on the food soon. I'm really looking forward to having the clusters. This spot is behind my garage, but I've planted them by my pond, by the road, and out in a wooded area my kids call the jungle.
I've found that under planting them with blushing bride tradescantia looks really nice. I also throw some elephant ears around them as well.

This year Lowes has small basjoos. I've notice that they are selling, but I just want to stand there and say "plant me deep"!

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Last July. It is 2-3 ft taller now.P-stem were not damaged over winter.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

The pic isn't showing up on here,but it did show up in my email notice. Those are amazing! Wish I could get mine that big here.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

They probably will get larger. Mine have gotten larger with each year.I think the trick is a thick bed of mulch. I see them all along the Gulf coast area where people have put them directly in the ground with little or no soil preprepation and they are small. They have the coastal warmth but no room to grow in the hard/natural soil.......I guess I need to go to the GW practice forum for posting pictures. I have posted before with no problems but having problems this time. The darn thing pulled in and posted my whole photobucket file which was not my intention.

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Foreverlad(9b - Tampa Bay)

Bama, those basjoo are gorgeous. I hope mine end up looking half as good.

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

This is a few of them from the picture today.
Though they have shot up so quickly, they lost much of their girth from the freeze back. But I won't complain too much, I'm just glad the deep method worked well, especially with our winters here in the mountains. Not only are we down in the single digits, but our moisture level in this area is tremendous. The clouds dump on us as they try to get over the mountain range.

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I love your nanna's and your EE's and the hosta's, they all go so well together, but what do you call that beauty with the long hair, she's adorable..

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

Just goes to show that not all pest sprays work effectively. ;)
That would be my 8 yr old daughter, Caroline. She is my outdoor nut just like me.

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LOL !!!!!

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

Up about 4 feet now, but had to protect last night due to a nasty frost in our area

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Will summer ever get here!
I haven't been covering things, it's only been getting down like 43 here but I'm sick of it!
Ur basjoos are beauties, I'm trying the Mekong giant this year, should be just as hardy but get bigger in time, it's been out a month and finally hot it's feet set, last week it pushed a new leaf out today it's already got a new roller out, it's picking up the pace!
It gets a red-purple p- stem, a nice red blush on the underside of the leaves, and a red central vein, sounds good and so far looks promising!

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