~~~Indian Fairy~~~

dondelduxApril 25, 2012

Here is my re-blooming Indian Fairy..she is VERY highly fragranced. the color is accurate on her..a dusky salmony pink..just lovely. Just 2 flowers this year, but they are large.. last year there were 3 or 4. I am going to plant many of these Maguires' bulbs in whiskey barrels this year to let their roots grow untethered and hopefully fatten these bulbs up!!

She is one of my favorites from these Maguires' bulbs along with the two Party girls..(of course, there are more coming..);-)


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Can I just water mine with a diluted Jack Daniels mix to get the same result?
Just kidding --another beauty thanks for sharing!

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How would you describe the scent of this one? Next year I'm hoping to buy some scented Hipps- Jewel is on the wish list. All of the Appleblossom bulbs that I bought ended up being mislabeled this year!

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Again! Where is the like button?
Beautiful Donna!

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

SO elegant! I love it. How nice that it's fragrant too. Thanks for sharing the eye (and nose) candy! Take care!

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Great. Maguires seem to have some exceptional new varieties. Do you know if they produce all their own new hybrids?

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I'm pretty sure they create all their own hybrids, of course they used some standards for their basis, papilio and several others in the very beginning I'm sure..They certainly do have a knack for producing gorgeous doubles don't they?

I have a dab of pollen on my 2nd Indian Fairy flower that I will save for something, but I don't know what yet.

As for the fragrance, last night my husband wanted to know what that gorgeous bulb was that was blooming downstairs and remarked that it was the only hippie that didn't smell like soap, (he's wrong of course) but actually smelled like a soft perfume!! How about an unsolicited appraisal!!

I don't know if I'll get to use the pollen as I don't want to change that gorgeous color, If it were possible, (which it's not) I'd just self it. If I had a white I might use that, but I'm plumb out of whites...

This one is going in a brand new whiskey barrel (still smells like charred whisky) so I can fatten these bulbs up and get the 4 flowers that I know they're capable of...no signs of any offsets..:-(

Here she is with her two flowers..

If I ever got an offset (I would never carve this one up) and I knew where I could get it tissue cultured (which I don't) and.. I wouldn't end up with 500+ bulbs.. this would be one that I would try..everybody should have one of these...!


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One of my absolute favorite doubles of all time, shoot, one of my favorite hybrids of all time!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Oh...very nice!

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