HELP! What to do now.

coldcutMay 13, 2006

First Set of Questions: RE: California Gold

What do I do with my California Gold as it now as lots of bananas on it?

Do I continue to let them grow?

When do I take them off?

Can I eat them?

Will the bananas get bigger or stay the same size?

Second set of questions: RE: Abyssinian Red

They have bloomed (very large flowers) and are dying.

How long should I let it stand?

Will it fall down?

Should I go ahead and pull it down or wait until it completely dies?

Check out the pics on this link:


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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

First question:
If your banana has just gotten its bunch, leave them on! They need to ripen and fill out before they are palatable. I am sure Pitangadiego here on this site has much more experience on that subject than me.

Second question:
Ensetes do die after flowering. I looked at your photos, and the plants looked big & great! If I were you I would chop it down and start a new plant. Afterall, they grow extremely fast, and in your climate you will have a good sized plant in no time. In any case, if it's starting to decline it's gonna look worse and worse.
Say, do you have any ensete-seeds you would like to sell? :-)


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