Unfortunate, or maybe dumb

scottlk(San Diego)May 19, 2007

Well, my big ice cream took a beating last winter with the bad cold snap we had. I had to cut the main trunk down probably a foot, then earlier this spring I saw there was internal rot around the cut so I cut it down to health stem again. Well, today I went out and was poking at it - it hadn't sent up a new leave at all this year and it's pups were growing likr crazy already. I started sqeezing and poking and the stem felt mushy again so I hacked it some more. Well, there was some rot in there - but I also realized I just whacked off the flower stalk :-(

Not sure if it would have actually bloomed if I left it, but man that would have been my first.

Oh well, at least my wife bought me a raja puri for my b-day so its not all bad lol.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

If the flower stalk was already rising, it would have gotten no more new leaves, and even if it successfully flowered (not likely) the fruit would most likely have been few and small. You have done all you could do, and you will just have to wait for the pups to grow. I didn't have cold issues, but lost some fruit in the nasty winds in January. That is just part of the life of a banana grower here.

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scottlk(San Diego)

Thanks for the info - good to know that even if it grew it was pretty much a goner anyway. I never thought about the fact that a flower stalk on a big leafless stem wouldn't do very well, just bad timing with the seasons I guess.

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