Indian Corn as a replacement for generic hybrid sweet corn?

connordubJune 18, 2009

Phoenix grower here, with a question about corn varieties that do well in our low desert. Corn is one of my favorite vegetables to eat, but growing it out here has proven to be quite a chore. My fall crop failed shortly after planting (too late of a planting, plus i may have overwatered heavily, leading to a rot). My current (early mar. planting) crop has had much more luck, but i am not entirely optimistic about it, i believe it just is far too thirsty, and dries out way quicker than i am able to water it (i have other things in life other than plants lol!) Back to the point, however. The Native Seed /SEARCH in Tucson has really caught my eye lately- I plan on 'arizona-izing; my garden, by experimenting with some crops from their seed bank. Would a type of Indian corn or maize be much more tolerant to our environment? Any Phx gardeners have experience with these types of corn, versus growing the generic hybrid corn seeds found in garden stores? How does the taste compare? Any input is gladly appreciated!


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Indian Corn is NOT sweet corn for eating fresh, it's for grinding into corn meal. You can make "elote" (boiled green field corn), but it doesn't taste much like sweet corn.

I don't bother with corn because it's too much work and space for the amount of food you get.

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