Dwarf cavendishi pups

miked1973May 13, 2006

I have I believe a dwarf cavendishi I ordered out of a catalogue. It has been doing well and it has shot up 2 new pups, one is really healthy looking and sprouting new leaves. The other one is vert small and has a different texture to the leaves. How should I go about removing these pups and planting them into their own pot?

This is the second time this year it has sent 2 pups up, we removed one of them and planted it but it did not make it and the other one died with the mother. I dont want to make the same mistake and remove it too early, how long should I wait to transplant it and how do I go about removing it from the mother plant.

Thank you for any help you can offer me.

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I try to wait until the pup is close to 12-14" tall, search for an old thread that has a diagram about where to cut the pup from the mom. I haven't lost one since I read that post! Good luck with yours!

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