Musella Lasiocarpa

rubbleshop(UK zone 9)May 16, 2007


My Musella has not yet grown any proper leaves after losing them in our UK winter, but has just put up a sort of leaf. It is 3 inches long and has an exceptionally wide central stem/vein whatever you call it in the centre of the leaf. I am a bit bothered that it is going to try to flower without having any leaves.

Has anyone any experience of this?

Is it just growing a funny leaf because it is too cold? All it's pups are putting up normal leaves though.

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austinl(Little Rock, AR, 8a)

It sounds like a flower is on the way! The main plant will put on progressively smaller leaves until it flowers. Soon, the pseudostem will start swelling and a flower will emerge. Don't worry about it flowering without leaves; that's quite natural. The pups will continue to grow, and it will produce more pups also. I hope this helps you.

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rubbleshop(UK zone 9)

Thanks austinl. It does have one or two scruffy leaves from last year and one 6inch one it grew in March, and now a 3 inch very odd leaf just growing. This funny leaf growing is very reminiscent of my velutina's before they flower.

So I don't need remove the pups then? I mean they will not all die when the parent flowers if they remain attached?????

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austinl(Little Rock, AR, 8a)

You're welcome.

No, you don't need to remove the pups at all, but you can if you want. The pups will continue to grow even when the mother plant blooms and dies. If you remove the pups, it is difficult to get some corm (which you must for it to live) so be careful!

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I just separated some Lasiocarpa yesterday, it's not all that hard. Just use a garden hose to carefully wash away all the soil so that you can see what you're doing, and use a sharp steak knife to cut the pups off so that they have roots and a little bit of the mother corm attached.
I now have five pups and mom too.
Sandy@Northern Tropics

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