bambookid524May 19, 2008

I transplanted some aurea i dug while in Florida no more than 2.5 months ago. The rootball wasn't to big and it had one shoot in the rootball. Today, while looking at it i noticed that the one shoot it had on it was about the same size but not dead.When i looked around the clump i saw another shoot starting to emerge. Is that possible or is my Grove of yellow groove justgetting in the way. The grove of yellow groove is about 10 feet away. I didn't think a newly transplanted bamboo could produce shoots that quickly but i didn't think bamboos would send a lone shoot that far from the main grove. It looks to me like an aurea shoot because it is on the far side of the patch from the yellow groove.

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I planted a bunch of Golden Bamboo I purchased from southern Arkansas this spring. Each rhizome had several growth buds visible when I planted them. I have new shoots already form two different rhizomes. I also have two canes that were already started when I planted that are growing. I say that it is possible for your aurea to send new shoots this soon.


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