Pup From Mushy Stem

holly_bc(Zone 7B VanIsle)May 25, 2008

I'm guessing a "pup" is what it is. It's about 6 inches high now and about 2" from the main stem. The main stem is pretty mushy (at least at the top), a result of poor care over the winter. Bad me - I'll do better this winter. I am so surprised anything at all came up this spring!

From my reading here, I'm understanding I should let the 'little guy' get at least a foot tall before I attempt to separate it from its Mom. Should I do anything with the mushy area? Could I dig up the whole 9 yards and temporarily repot until separation time? If so, that would be my preference until I can repot it in a different location. BTW its a Musa Bajoo which I bot last spring.

The thots of you banana experts appreciated. Many thanks,


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I have had them come up when there wasn't anything hardly left. Amazing isn't it ? Just dig all of it up and repot It it will be fine.

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