Ensete Ventricosum doesn't grow after winter

sendtnerMay 22, 2009

Hi There

I wonder if you could help me.

I had stuffed the banana plant with straw over the winter when the heavy frosts started. Some of the leaves had received some frost damage, but the plant was definetely ok. In early April I had removed the straw and cut off the black (frost damaged) leaves. Later then I replanted it in the pot with fresh compost and osmocote to get it going again (it had worked well in the previous years).

Impatient as I am, with no growth appearing, two weeks ago I cut it down further to get rid of all old brownish bits on the stump (see picture). I am regretting it now as it exposed the inside of the leaves and seems to have triggered rotting from the top. There is no growth and we are near the end of May.

How can I prevent it from further rotting? Replanting? Drying the plant? Keep it away from the rain?

Mank Thanks



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