Arabian Jasmine not looking so good

aznativenewbie11(Tempe 9/sunset 13)June 29, 2009

My Arabian Jasmine doesn't look so good. All the leaves seem to be drying up at the base. The upper leaves are wilted, and it appears that it has powdery mildew on some of them. When I woke up there was a trail of ants trying to get to it. I've looked for aphids but either I'm not seeing them, or I just don't know what I'm truly looking for. I've read about a baking soda mixture for the powdery mildew but will that do more harm in our heat, or is there anything I can do at this point for PM or insects?

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aznativenewbie11(Tempe 9/sunset 13)

In case anyone ends up having the same problem, turns out it has mealy bugs. I took a leaf to a nursery and they told me. The man recommended an organic spray called Fungicide 3 by Garden Safe.. it is for fungicide, insecticide and miticide. He told me it was still safe to use in this heat, just later in the evening or very early morning. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and see what happens.

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