Banana âSuper Dwarf Cavendishâ Care

Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))May 30, 2013

Hello Garden Web Friends,

A few years back, my girlfriend received a "Banana Plant" as a gift. It appeared to be a dwarf variety. She never did much with it except water it and put it outside on the deck in the summer. It always responded well and was covered with foliage.

I have since taken over the banana plant care. I recently contacted the grower and found that the variety is the âÂÂSuper Dwarf CavendishâÂÂ.

The pot was extremely overgrown with numerous corms, so I divided the plant into a healthy twin corm for us to keep. There are 8 remaining corms which were re-potted as separate plants to be given away.

The corms were re-potted into large pots using Miracle Gro Cactus Soil. They will be outside on our deck for the summer.

I have read that an occasional feeding of Miracle Gro is good for the plant. Other than that (and proper watering techniques) What else can I possibly do to make our Super Dwarf Cavendish bear fruit?


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chrisware(5-6 wv)

I have two of these that I got as tiny pups almost two years age. I just planted in regular miracle grow potting mix, and they love additional plant food. I'm starting to get pups now, but I have no clue how long I'm away from fruiting.
They sure are neat looking plants. My bigger one probably isn't two feet tall.

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Bananas require a lot of feeding. You might want to research banana care. It can be quite complex if you want really good results.

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Food and WATER. They love rich, fertile soils, warmth and humidity. Outside, they will take full sun but watch them for heat stress if your sun is too hot. (There tends to be a lot of clouds in humid/tropical climates, and this softens the sun some.) Also, replant when needed. P.S., nice variety as they constantly sucker and make more plants!

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