RE: 'Tinkerbell'

dondelduxApril 11, 2012

Hi Guys,

I just received the following email from Saad_Assaf..

"Sorry for the delay and thank you for sharing your impressions and feeling about our Amaryllis bulbs. The clone you got by mistake won't be selected for commercial marketing (sorry) But we intend to marker his "brother" soon, we believe it is a better clone.

Enclosing a picture

I think that the name you gave is great! Can we use it for the "brother" clone?

I sincerely hope that this year there won't be any "foreigners" in our new stocks. We are doing our best to be trustworthy. I also hope that you will enjoy our bulbs in the future."

So, there you have it! It's a one off and I now am in-trusted with the task of keeping it alive and healthy!!

I do hope they choose to name the "brother" Tinkerbell, I can always change her name if need be..(or were they just humoring me??!) We should know next year..

I don't dare to post the picture they sent me without their permission, and I'm not going to ask, but.. I think it's nice.. but, not as nice as my Tinkerbell. It appears to be more of soft muted orange (might just be the picture) and the leaves are larger and not the dusky chocolate that my leaves are..still! It has somewhat ruffled edges and if appears there are 4 flowers per stalk..and I can't imagine it would be any where near as diminutive as mine.

It was very nice of them to finally answer me and their email was full of smileys..If any one of you out there lit a fire under them for an answer I thank you...

I am waiting impatiently for one of my Misties to bloom as I think that would be a great cross, both small pink flowers..I did freeze some pollen just in case Misty blooms this summer..which is appearing to be the case..and of course I have given seeds to some of Ebay # 2 x "Tinkerbell" and I have another 2 pods on another bulb of EBay # 2 yet to rippen. Of course there were several crosses that didn't take, it's a shame I don't write these things down, but I don't...(I do remember trying with Neon, no luck)


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That's incredibly neat. So you got something unique! :D

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Donna, congratulations! That is wonderful!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

OHHHHHHHHHH!!! I hope they name it TINKERBELL!!
Keep us posted!

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Very cool! Do keep us posted! Thanks for sharing the fun update!

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Donna - I am so happy that you had a good resolution with Saad. Your story filled me with nostalgia because I lived at Saad for six months, a long, long time ago. It was before they were raising flowers and just had field crops, orchards, and a dairy. They are wonderful people even if there have been bumps along the way with their hippie business.

Have you posted pictures of your Tinkerbell?

A Constant Lurker on this forum, always gaining inspiration here.

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Hi Sable,
There are a couple of threads on "Tinkerbell" one under the name of Half & Half and one other I think.. Rather than paste the links for you I'll just re-post a few pictures which is easier for me to do.
Their hippies are lovely and I can only imagine what it must be like to walk through their greenhouses and oogle at all their rejects! As this is a reject! The color is true on these pictures, it's a salmony pink..

Here are some re-posted pictures of my "Tinkerbell" a very diminutive plant and flower (the first year at least). There were six flowers on each of the two stalks.

To show her size here she is with Ruby Star..


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Donna - Thank you for taking the time to post your pictures. Tinkerbell is a charming flower - between the color, the ruffles, and the picotee effect she has it all! I'll be following this saga with interest.

You mentioned that there are six flowers on each stalk. This happened to me unexpectedly this year with Apple Blossom and Amigo. These two were from White Flower Farm (usually I order from John Scheepers). I wonder if what with all the careful cultivation certain qualities are being ramped up.

I've also looked at Saad's pictures and salivated at those "miles" of color. The kibbutz is in desert country, so any splash of color makes quite a statement.

Thanks again,

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Dear Donna
I think the Tinkerbell pictures you have post are absolutely beautiful&gorgeous flower!
I like this kand of beautiful new species very much.
Thanks for post the charming flower for us.

Cheers and happy gardening

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Dear Donna
In my opinion in small sized flower Tinkerbell is more beautiful than the Mystery.
Thanks again for showing such gorgeous & beautiful hybrids Tinkerbell for me!

Best wishs&regards for you!

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Correcting my above post
Dear Donna
In my opinion in small sized flower Tinkerbell is more beautiful than the Misty.
Thanks again for showing such gorgeous & beautiful hybrids Tinkerbell for me!
Best wishs and regards for you

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