My poor Basjoo's. Somebody Help!!!!

jrork(8 Washington)May 12, 2006

Hi all,

I've done everything I can think of to kill these wonderful plants (not on purpose) and may have finally succeeded.

They froze bad and I lost all of them but this one.

The only one I have left is down to a major pile of roots (some a tan color and some dark) and a little bit of what was once a wonderful corm.

I've placed it in a pot in a warm sunny spot and sure enough, a little stem (looks more like a root) comes up from below and then dies off once it gets about an 1/8 of an inch above the soil.

I tried moving it outside and it did the same thing with the little stem/root from the side and then dies off.

I now have just about given up but when I look at what I percieve to be healthy roots, I can't give up on it.

Silly question but can I soak it in some water and treat it like a seed that I'm trying to start? Any other out of the box ideas? I dont want to give up on it cause it was so beautiful and I'm just sick.


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jrork(8 Washington)

If I'm doing this right, here is all that's left of my pride and joy. All thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much........John

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

My first tip would be to "let the banana die with honour", and order a new set of basjoos, but I can still relate to you since I did the same thing here in Norway with a couple of basjoos. I strived to get them to sprout back, but most were rotted. I would say your corm also looks fairly rotted.
Also, same thing happened here, the plant grew back about 1 inch, then quit and layed down to die. Maybe an expert can tell us why.

Here are my tips as to get it to resprout, as one of my plants did using "superdrive":
- Use hygienic soil type
- Dust the corm with a rooting hormone
- Use "Superthrive" or "Superdrive"

Best of luck to you!

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jrork(8 Washington)

Thanks Erlend. I agree it looks really bad but I was so proud of these plants and I just keep thinking that there's a glimmer of hope. I have ordered new ones but I really dont want to give up on this one. I'll give the rooting hormone a try and just keep my fingers crossed (unless somebody has a better idea).
Thanks again and take care.........John

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Water is one thing I would NOT do. Those root tips look rotted. But the corm is the more important part, as it can form new roots. The corm will rot from overwatering/cold, too. Once it starts putting out new growth is when it needs watering. Since it started to regrow and died back, I would get the best, cleanest soil you can.


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jrork(8 Washington)

Thanks Seahorse. I put it in some new soil with a bit of sand and sprinkled some rooting hormone on it.
If'n you was me, how long before I sprinkle some water or would we be better to let it dry out some before planting?

Sorry for the dumb question but I really want to save it if possible...... Thanks again........John

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I'm confused. It's in a pot, right? Try not to water it - but don't let the soil *totally* dry out. Then water sparingly. Once it gets growing, it can take more water and then you can plant it in the ground (or keep it potted).

Or are you asking about letting the corm and roots dry before putting back into soil?


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jrork(8 Washington)

Sorry to confuse you. We have a small unheated greenhouse with a planting box. I cleaned it up and dipped all the roots in some rooting hormone and planted it in a good mix of sand and clean potting soil.
I've kept the soil nearby damp but havent put any water directly on the corm. What I was trying to ask in my confusing message was, would I have been better off letting the corm and roots dry a bit before doing the replanting (that I've already done)?
Kind of a moot point since I've already done it and I will continue to do what I'm doing unless you can think of something else.
I do have 3 new babies ordered but I really like to save this one if possible. Since I periodically see some new growth around the roots, I hate to just give up on it...... Probably silly, but oh well....

Thanks again for all the help guys......

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fglavin(Knoxville, TN)

Wow, that's pretty far gone! Two words for you: Compost Heap! With how easily available musa basjoo is these days, it doesn't make sense to try to save that hopeless thing. May it rest in peace.

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jrork(8 Washington)

Well, I regret to say that I gave up. Felt I gave it the best chance I could and finally took everyones advice and called it quits.
To help with the loss, I went out and bought 4 new Basjoo's...... :-)

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