spectabilis is flowering!! pic and ??

bamboobubba(z7 AR)May 25, 2007

I was doing my yearly cleaning of my grove and in the middle i found two culms full of flowers and seed pods. I have read that the whole grove will flower and die, is this true?

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brian_k(z6 OH)

Oh how exciting! Possibly a flower or two will form and nothing will come of it - the flowering will be confined to a few culms. OR the entire thing will go to seed. It doesn't necessarily mean death, but the grove will be exhausted and need years to recover vigor. Flowering is a privilage to watch so enjoy it whatever happens. Oh yea, can I get my hands on some seeds?:)

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bamboobubba(z7 AR)

Brian, This year has been so hard on my Boos. Easter weekend two days of 17 degree nights, killed all my new culms, then new culms started again and we were hit by a TORNADO ! Many new culms broke at the ground. My Robert Young recovered and has 25 foot culms over 2". The spectablis Is doing well except for the damage caused by the two events. I'll see if I get some viable seeds and we can talk about sharing. Dave

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have just noticed on some older starts of Spectabilis that it has gone into flowering mode. what a bummer.

Washington State

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