Any dwarf bamboos?

house_first_timer(9)May 31, 2007

I would like to grow dwarf bamboo that will do well in zone 5 and in container. I don't have any bamboo to trade. But I have some herbs, pepper seeds, bulbs that I can trade you for. Or I can pay for shipping. Thanks so much!

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I'm sorry but I don't think you'll find any bamboo to survive zone 5 in a container (that's much more harsh than putting it in the ground)... unless of course you bring it in for the winter... in which case you don't need to limit yourself to zone 5 hardy species.
Anyone interested would also need to know your basic location since bamboo can't cross international borders.

Hope this helps.

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Hi! Thanks for your reply. I'm located in IL, US, zone 5. I don't mind to plant bamboo in my garden as long as it won't send runners and start spreading like crazy:) But I read that most of the bamboo spreads by sending runners.

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

How about green panda bamboo with some protection?

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There is a good bamboo website from someone in Indiana, who has had trouble growing clumpers with the exception of green panda (Fargesia rufa). The idea is that these bamboos like it to cool down at night in the summer, so extended periods of hot weather are not good.

If you're interested in the website, just google "needmore bamboo". They're in zone 6, but some good tips for zone 5 as well. Lots of information and pictures. : )

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House first timer,
You might want to google Pleioblastus variegatus or dwarf white stripe bamboo, zone 4-10, looks awesome in containers, and you can leave it outside if you want to in the winter and it will do just fine.
Just google dwarf bamboo and see all the beautiful varieties that there are for you to choose from.
You might want to try some of them in a bonsai if you want to keep them in a container, they are beautiful bonsais.
Good Luck!

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You know what? I got this exact species more than a week ago at the local nursery. I'm growing it in a container because I'm afraid that it will spread like crazy in my small garden. How's your experience with it? Thanks.

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