Hold On To Your Hats!!!

cindeea(FtMyers 10)April 15, 2010

Hah Hah, it's me....for real! I miss you all my Amaryllis friends. Thought I'd come by and visit for awhile, if you'll have me back.

After the worse winter in over 30 years in SW Florida, Here is my potted trio in full glory...

From 2009-10 Amaryllis

Rembrandt Van Rijn-Novella-Lemon & Lime

(((hugs)))) all around...who's pouring the champagne???

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Cindee, It is so very good to hear from you again.

It looks like your spring show is a week or two ahead of mine, which is to be expected.

What a delightful sight, both your blooms and seeing you posting!!!

Yep, it was a rough winter here, too. It started out mild but then it hit with one major WUMPPPP!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

The cold winter seemed to make a huge difference the the quality of blooms here in zone 8 (I think we may have been rezoned to 9). The blooms are drenched in color. My Exotica was opening last night and she is the color of molten copper. Can't wait to see her tonight!! My Lemon-lime is rich too. So many blooms!! Overload!

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Jan Sword

Het girlfriend, long time no see. Welcome back, missed you. We need to get together some time.

Beautiful flowers!


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Hurrahhhhhh, Cindee. I'm so glad to see you back on here. I missed you, too.

Awesome blooms. Thanks for sharing.


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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

Yes, well I have been AWOL too long!

Ann, been thinking aboout you BIG TIME as I have another of your "Charisma Crosses" blooming...and this one is a real odd ball turned stunner! It started out fusing it's blooms, and unlike last years bloom (below) it's a double.
Last years bloom
From Amaryllis 2008-09

This year the bulb blooming(I have 6 or 7) is very different-more orange and it was a fused double-the first flowers here.
From 2009-10 Amaryllis

From 2009-10 Amaryllis

Newer blooms are quite pretty with a hint of white Picotee on the petals...what do you think?? Do you remember who you paired it with? I remember when you sent the seeds you said they were just a mix of Charisma crossings. No Matter, I just adore it!! I am calling it "Sassyann". it is producing so many offsets! Would you like one?? ((huggers))
From 2009-10 Amaryllis

From 2009-10 Amaryllis

Hey Kristi, hows it going girl?? This is the latest blooming season I have ever seen and you are right..the bloom quality is spectacular this year!

(((Jan)) call me-we have to get together. Geeze, it ws Feb we last met up with Barb. We really should talk more often!

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That is awesome, beautiful, melt in your mouth! I love the picotee!

Let me check my records...


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Cindee...one of your seedlings looks like it's blooming size already (you sent seeds 2 years ago as I recall), I think it was FerrarixLimona (I have a tag, just don't recall)

Here are 4 of the 23 set to bloom...the early bloomers! There are about 4 others in bloom (Jewel, Red Lion, Garden Red, and Elvas)

My Exotica is so deeply colored and rich this year (it's just starting to open - (the fuzzy one closest to the front on the right - really just want to show off the copper color)...

...and the irises (I'm sort of new to them) have spread so much in one year. I think this color is amazing...just simple Louisiana iris (I think)...gift from coworker.

I'll send more when Exotica is open all the way.

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Yippee, it's Cindee!!!
Welcome Back! We missed you so much!

Big Hugs, Blanca

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

((((BLANCA)))) hey sweetie! Xuan, sorry I missed you earlier...good to see you too my friend.

Kristi your blooms look great. I am loving the Iris, wish I could grow them here...

Coming up--blooms from Maria and Alana.....

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Cindee, I'm holding onto my hat too! So nice to see all your pretty Florida blooms. I'm glad spring has sprung you back over here for a bit! Alana

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brigarif Khan

Hi Cindee. The two bulblets you sent me, one of them the little pink by Lora bloomed, but the candy floss is just surviving although they are in the same pot. The seedlings are expected to bloom next year.


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Welcome back! Missed ya girlfriend!!!

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

Arif, greetings my dear dear friend!! So exciting to see Loras Pinkie in bud. Mine have not developed to bloom stage. I know not what I am doing wrong. they are lovely green and small still! You must show me the full bloom! As far as Candy Floss, I believe I have a sick bulb. It bloomed beautifully, once, but has shriveled and is is not very healthy looking. I am still nursing it. I guess it passed its sick nature on to the bulblet I sent to you, so sorry.

Waving at Alana and Maria~ ~ ~ Hi chickies!! Miss you too.

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